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How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Hair


Sometimes just a slight change in the colour of your hair can give you the pick-me-up that you need to feel better about your overall appearance.  Before you purchase a do-it-yourself kit and attempt to change your hair colour at home, there are some important things to consider about your skin tones and other natural features that will be accented with a change of colour. You may want to meet with your hairstylist to discuss what she thinks would work best for you and, if you’re going to do it yourself, the right product for the job; you cannot use the picture on the box as a definite guide for what your finished colour will look like.

Do You Have Warm or Cool Features?

If your skin is olive, dark, or has golden tones, you are probably a warm person; warm people can easily tan and have skin that seems to glow.  Fair-skinned people with blue or sometimes green eyes who burn before they get a tan are cool. Once you determine whether you’re warm or cool, choosing your hair colour will be much easier and more satisfying once you’ve done it.  You can also take a look at your wardrobe to see which basic colours you have in many of your garments. If you enjoy matching your ensembles you’ll have many of the same clothes that feature your favourite colour which is the one that looks the best on you. The hair colour that you choose should complement your wardrobe as well as your natural features or you’ll have to invest in new clothes that make your overall look more pleasing.


Which Colour Tone Do You Need?

Warm features mean that you need caramel, bronzes, and blondes that are just a bit darker than your skin tones.  You should avoid totally black hair; it will make you look pale and won’t achieve the stylish look that you want.  Be careful when you select the golden colours; you don’t want your hair to turn orange and be totally unacceptable.  In fact, if you prefer a blonde colour, you may want to visit your stylist and let her professionally colour your hair so that you’ll get the results that you want.

Cool features mean that you should avoid gold, copper, and auburn colours; they’ll make your skin look splotchy and unattractive.  Instead, you may want to use dark browns and chestnuts to accent your lovely skin and eye colour.  Again, ask your stylist for colour swatches that you can hold near your face to see if that particular colour is for you.

How to Safely Experiment with Colour

There is a way to safely experiment with varying colours to see which one looks best with your skin tones.  Instead of using harsh chemicals on your hair to change its colour, why not use hair extensions to give you an idea of how a new colour would look on you?  It’s a fun and easy way to try something new without making a drastic change to your appearance permanently.


Choosing the right colour for your hair can highlight your natural beauty and make your entire wardrobe look new and exciting. So, pick the preferable colour for your hair and attract the crowd wherever you go. Make sure that the brand of hair colour is a reputed one so that you do not face any adverse situation in the future.