aragon oil
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Argan oil, the best ally for your hair and skin

aragon oil

This balm, also called “the liquid gold of Morocco” has become a “faithful ally” for the care of hair, skin and nails. Its many properties have become fashioned treat. Among the benefits of this miraculous oil find:

– Intensively hydrates the skin and hair, does not clog pores and brings the glow.

– Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, it is ideal to combat aging and dry skin.

– It’s a, dry, dehydrated hair tonic ideal for split ends, which have undergone chemical processes such as relaxers, permanent discolorations and even “virgin hair”.

– Helps reduce scars, stretch marks and acne marks.

– Provides health and resistance to nails.

“Returns the natural glow losing hair by the aggression of external agents and free radicals: sun, dust, smoke from buses, brush hair when it is dry for much touched with your hands,” says Eva Maria Carballo, Manager Salon Technician Six Sense.

Carballo added that the oil can be used in all types of skin and hair, even fatty, because it is easily absorbed.


There are different uses and presentations of argan oil, an easy and effective way to use it is “rub a small amount of oil in the palm of hands and apply to damp hair, especially at the tips.”