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The principles of Brazilian smoothing


France arrived there two years of this, the Brazilian smoothing is known more and more in the world of hairdressing. The technique, already known for its efficiency, based on the use of keratin. It is to repair the entire length of the hair optimally in order to achieve a perfectly smooth hair. Before beginning the actual smoothing the hair is washed with a mild shampoo suitable to their nature. Then apply the keratin throughout the hair, then using a flat iron at high temperature, we fix everything. We leave it on for a few hours. Depending on the condition of the hair, exposure time may vary from two hours to four days. The transaction will be completed by a rinsing with water.


The advantages of Brazilian smoothing

Mainly based on a keratin treatment, Brazilian smoothing is effective to moisturize and relax the hair. Hair obtained is both silky, light, smooth and natural. Depending on the desired result, it can operate in order to maintain some ripples or not. The higher the temperature is, the more the hair will be smooth. The Brazilian smoothing not only acts on the outer part of the hair. By repairers and nutritious content in keratin assets, the technique allows to treat in depth. Such smoothing has the advantage that also resist moisture.

The principles of Brazilian smoothing1

Brazilian Hair Straightening: Hair concerned

Like any technique hairdressing, Brazilian smoothing does not apply to any type of hair. Already straight hair and ends are especially excluded from the program, as particularly oily hair. However, the smoothing operation can be performed on any hair type. Frizzy, sparkling, curly or frizzy may use this technique for softness. Brazilian smoothing is also operating on colored hair, straightened or highlighted. The state of the hair to be treated will depend duration of the operation and the amount of product used. Regarding the latter, a good choice will obtain a satisfactory result. To avoid accidents, the ideal is to use the services of a specialized area.