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Short hair with bangs Autumn 2013

Short hair with bangs Autumn 2013


Girls who are thinking about getting a new look in autumn, should note that the bangs returns with fury and can now wear short hair with bangs to your liking. So we present you three suggestions for short hair with bangs autumn 2013. This cutting style has its advantages, you will not have to waste much time in taking care and less on achieving and maintaining it, is washed and combed, and always look good.

Short hair with bangs for fall 2013

Short hair with bangs Autumn 2

Furthermore, the trend is short hair with bangs fall 2013, slightly disheveled. So you are very young or an adult you can go for the short cut and bring the bangs with tousled effect is a trend that refuses to go and both have seen the spring summer season. And the same, is a cool image in addition to more practical to wear short hair with bangs.

Short hairstyle with bangs

Short hair with bangs Autumn 1

No matter if you have very straight hair if you have slightly wavy, and if you have to take advantage just because bob and bangs in this third suggestion some smooth waves. You understand that you are styles that fit well and that you can achieve alaciando or rippling as you like. Enjoy the summer when look in autumn, and here’s how you want to look.