Hair care

Hair extensions for all hair types?


A hair extension is great for any hair suitable. It does not matter if you have strong or fine hair. They can also be performed with any hairstyle. Healthy and thick hair provides the best basis for extensions. Your own hair should not be too fine or even broken. Because then the natural hair can not bear the weight of the extensions.

They should also have a minimum length of 6-10 cm length.

Are offered for almost all hair colors and hair textures Extensions. They are available in real or synthetic hair, in many colors and textures.

Hair extensions for all hair types

There are different methods of hair extensions

  • Clip-in Extensions
  • Bonding – warm incorporation processes
  • Bonding – cold incorporation processes
  • Weaving

The clip-in extensions are attached with clips and clamps on the hair. This can also conduct it. In the bonding method, there are two training techniques.

In the warm incorporation processes the ultrasonic or laser treatment is a common, high-quality method. In the cold familiarization process, the hair is fixed by bending or squeezing with special pliers.

The Weaving is the typical technique of hair extensions. It will be knotted single strands or entire hair tresses in the natural hair.


What you should still pay attention
If the hair is damaged, so you should cut it and can maintain, the better a hair extension is possible then. Due to the natural hair extensions is not attacked.

With strong UV radiation variations in color may occur. The course also wearing time and stability of the extensions depends on its maintenance. They usually keep 4-7 months.

One should undergo the Extensions special care and use special care products. It is advisable to also use a special brush with the hair needs to be brushed gently daily.