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Fall arrest hair care


Hair loss: take food supplements

The health of our hair is a reflection of our diet and our lifestyle. Thus, a poor diet, stress or fatigue are not beneficial. It is therefore quite normal to strengthen our intake of vitamin and minerals as hair care. We take vitamins and iron to give a boost to our bodies and our scalp at the same time leather. In the case of more serious hair fall (hereditary or hormonal), dietary supplements are recommended as Arresting hair care, such as Progressive Vitalfan range of Rene Furterer for example, or the fall Inneov tablets.


Arresting other hair products

Even if your hair tends to fall, wash them anyway at least twice a week. In fact, the more your hair is clean, the less they fall. There are products to be used for fall arrest care as energizing and invigorating shampoos. After shampooing, you apply, strand by strand, masks on towel-dried hair. It is advisable to take the masks with essential orange or lavender oil. Thereafter, put a serum or lotion on your hair fall. Wax magnolia also proved to be very effective in revitalizing the scalp. To do this, use it on well rinsed and drained, more precisely once the hair conditioner is applied.

Arresting some hair products

Arresting as hair care, you can use the energizing shampoo Phytolium or the Fall Shampoo stimulating Phytum Yves Rocher. The fall lotion NEOPTIDE Ducray is also very effective in treating hair loss. There is also the regenerator of Rene Furterer Triphasic serum. One can also opt for the fall Kerum Roche Posay. Clinic offers same hair fall shampoo pack with pre-fall, pre-fall bio active and complex RC3 drop box. K lotion Shea also has revitalizing effects on the bulbs.