Hair care

Dry hair: causes for better action


Your hair is coarse, inflexible and lost their luster? The tips are split and break easily? There is no doubt that your hair is dry. To remedy this and choose the right care, first identify the cause.

Why does hair go dry?

Among the root causes of the drying of hair, there are the bad habits. Many people wash their hair several times a week. Too much washing can break the hair, especially if too detergent shampoo that removes the protective hydrolipidic film is used. Styling products containing alcohol, such as frost, prove as harmful.

Dry hair causes for better action 2

Frequent coloring can also be the cause of the fragility of the hair, as perms, blow drying too hot, frequent use of hair straighteners.

Other causes are deeper. Power can for example have deficiencies in fatty acids, vitamins, protein or iron. In short, essential for healthy hair items. In addition to some diseases such as anemia or hypothyroidism, the environment can also attack the hair. This is the case of the chlorinated pool, sun, sea … Otherwise, the phenomenon of severe dehydration is not uncommon in cases of stress or during menopause.


How to restore tone to dry hair?

Deprived of sebum, the hair is dry and lifeless. Thus, hydration is an essential step. It begins with the use of care and shampoos and conditioners moisturizers. It also advocates the use of vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil or evening primrose. You can use it to make an oil bath once a week or disciplining hair everyday.

Wash your hair only once or twice a week. Also remember to review your diet and eat more fish, dairy and legumes.

Some gestures also help revitalize the hair. Before shampooing, always perform a little scalp massage. This will stimulate blood circulation. Also avoid capping too aggressive and too frequent. The pool wearing swimming cap is recommended because the pool water is aggressive to the hair.