Hair care

Clean your hair and feed them


Most of us think that as we eat more fat when it’s cold, our hair also become fatter. In fact, do not change her shampoo on the pretext that it is winter. By cons when you wash, do not aggress-, do it gently. Take your shampoo and apply the tip of the finger, while gently massaging your scalp to stimulate micro-circulation. Warning, do not rub hard as you may damage the scalp. After well massaged, rinse with warm water so that it is no longer any residue on your hair.

After washing your hair, consider making nourishing care especially if they are curly kind or if they have undergone a coloring. Choose product Shea oil or safflower. These treatments are enriched with nourishing ingredients and repairers. If possible let your hair dry naturally. Caps should be avoided because they tend to create static electricity that can make your hair long fall. Let them breathe even in winter. It is also advisable to cures vitamins that your hair is shiny in winter.


Adequate winter care your hair

In winter, our hair tends to become dry and split ends, but you can prevent this by providing them with adequate care. If they are fat, it is better to wash two to three times a week, and using the right products: shampoos and neutral mask. Avoid as much as possible lakes in winter, as these will only add to your scalp. If you must use a hair dryer, do not choose the hottest position.

If they are dry trend, do wash once a week, that will be good enough. Also use moisturizers and masks for your hair. For brushing, prefer a natural fiber brush and make back-and-forth from root to tip without touching the scalp. For those who use hair straighteners, make sure you make the necessary care. Maintain your scalp carefully for shiny hair in winter.