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Chocolate treatment for hair

Chocolate treatment for hair

Chocolate not only eats, is also put on the hair! Learn all about this hair treatment made from cacao to nourish your hair and straightening.

Recently it has become very popular chocolate treat hair. We have seen in salons and aesthetic, in the supermarket, advertising and everywhere. It is one of the most famous hair treatments but what good?; Is it a keratin treatment ?; Is it for dry or damaged hair? All these doubts the resolved Domingo Del Moral, Technical Director and Specialist in Mexico Alfaparf hair.

The first thing to know is that there are several types of chocolate treatments, however what all have in common is that their goal is to nourish the hair through the cocoa, the main ingredient, which has the power to straighten (straightening) hair and reduce frizz.

How does the chocolate treatment work?

Everyday hair natural properties lost because of smog, sun, wet weather and salt (if vivien people on the beach or visiting), or activities such as swimming where the hair is exposed to chlorine the pool. These factors result that the natural elements like hair lose luster and softness. ‘The cacao you back to hair nourishing ingredients such as a treatment that can penetrate the hair, “said the specialist.

Chocolate treatment for hair 2

Where does it come?

From chocolate trapey. Since ancient times cacao was used on the body to exercise its nourishing dry skin; ‘Later this technique evolved into the hair into a treatment like everything that we called Alfaparf Cioccolato which tells of shampoo, conditioner, mask, ampule and styling cream. The goal is not left on the surface of hair, but it is integrated into the hair fiber and reaches the root, “said Domingo.

What kind of hair is chocolate treat?

If you want to know if this hair treatment is for you, the first thing to do is ask what got in your hair right now.

‘Let’s compare it to the body, “the expert advised,’ Suppose you have a physical exhaustion that ran; at the end of the race your body will sue hydration. Besides running, did push-ups and squats, then not only will you need hydration, but also food. Now, if we add that you injured a tendon, surely you’ll need medical treatment as an ointment.


The same goes for the hair, if you dry and blocks, take care, your hair is going to dehydrate. Also, if you apply a tint, you will require hydration; well if you declare I need nurture ‘.

Now, in what cases should be used chocolate treat? This is suitable for hair that needs nutrition because it has a low chemical process, for example if a dye (dyed hair) was applied or used often dryer, iron, pincers, electric pipes, etc). In short, it is for dry and damaged hair slightly.

You may use any type of people unless those with thin or oily hair because cocoa is loaded with lipids (fats that nourish the hair), so a thin hair using treatment with chocolate remain motionless and heavy.