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Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014

Hairstyles with braids collected autumn 2013 2014

Braids Tyrolean Autumn

We’ve already given you some great ideas for hairstyles with braids fall 2013 2014, surely you liked. And lass braids remain today, one of the handiest hairstyles because they are easy to achieve, you are good to all, lend themselves well to festivals to go to work and there are so many styles that you could wear braids every day without ever tired of them.

So today we braids for the near fall, we know that these three styles find your approval to look fashionable and stylish.

Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014

Braids Tyrolean Autumn 1

These pretty braids are a headband made of hair on the front that allows you to take advantage by a few strands braid and can pick up on otherwise the rest of the hair. This hairstyle with braids has the advantage that you can show off your earrings and your necklace because it is an up-do but also that you have long hair, you take advantage of the extensions to a braid out in this way.

Collected with braids hairstyle

Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2

This hairstyle is also very versatile in that they can take it in a slightly disheveled as well as highly stylized manner. You let the remaining hair in a slightly disheveled look, and will be perfect. The can take a ride with friends as well as to an event such as a party, because these braids so fashionable, are always good, so I can start testing with these three styles.