Latest Hair Styles

Latest trends in hair and makeup


This article will discuss three photographs of latest trends in hair and makeup. We will see the three looks more and take recommend makeup.

STYLE: The first look (left) is a simple style to go to work. It is ideal for everyday wear. It is one of the easiest styles but it is one of the latest trend led.

HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle is easy to make and suitable for all types of jobs. It consists of fully straightening the hair. The straight bangs gives a very modern touch. In this photo we see that the cut is complemented by a tone between bicolor and multicolor hair. It is much more extreme if we take in some tone than monochrome. Earthy colors much favor if mixed together, here we see blonde, honey brown, darker brown. To be more “formal” and it fits all kinds of styles to work we will use a single color tone.

UP: As in this case the makeup should be subtle. The eyes are very natural and earth tones day. It goes very consistent in style and hairstyle.
We can see a sweet picture, very feminine and ideal look to acquire the latest trend.

Latest trends in hair and makeup1

STYLE: Here we see a more dynamic style. We can adapt to a style weekend. It is very comfortable and practical.

HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle is very feminine and fun look, the tips we can get up in a minute! It looks a very carefully worked hair.

MAKEUP: Makeup hairstyle befitting this weekend is a soft makeup, the lips are soft hue and the eyes are a little framed. We can increase the intensity of the makeup to make it a more sophisticated image.
We can see an outgoing, feminine and flirty image.

STYLE: In this photo we see a more classic style. It is a sensual undulation in a long hair. This is the typical type of woman that never gets old.

HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle is a sensual look with subtle waves. We can do this using foam and Working with the diffuser, sparingly to create waves discard. The hairstyle is ideal for a night out. It is an elegant look.

MAKEUP: The perfect makeup for this hairstyle is an intense makeup, dark colors, dark eyeliner or lips. In the picture we can see how the shape of the eye with eyeliner lengthening intensifies.