• Latest Hair Styles

    Latest trends in hair and makeup

    This article will discuss three photographs of latest trends in hair and makeup. We will see the three looks more and take recommend makeup. STYLE: The first look (left) is a simple style to go to work. It is ideal for everyday wear. It is one of the easiest styles but it is one of the latest trend led. HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle is easy to make and suitable for all types of jobs. It consists of fully straightening the hair. The straight bangs gives a very modern touch. In this photo we see that the cut is complemented by a tone between bicolor and multicolor hair. It is much more…

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  • Latest Hair Styles


    Enrico Mariotti is one of the most well-known hair stylist in the world of fashion and advertising. We meet regularly at fashion shows where care and ‘invents’ the hairstyles of female and male models. Henry is the official hairstylist for Pantene Italy, lives in New York and divides her time between Europe and the United States for his work. And as Henry lives and ‘breathes’ hair trends where these arise and develop, it is definitely one of the most appropriate experts to turn to find out in advance what will be the hair trends for summer 2014. And we in fact – pardon the game of words – we did…

  • Wedding hairstyle

    Hairstyle: Choose what type of bun for her wedding?

    A glamorous rock bun To exit the traditional bun, the glamorous rock is quite possible for a wedding. It is simply a banana chignon revisited. The first step is to tease the hair to bring the volume of the material and a dreamy effect. Must bring all the hair on the roots. Then, to get a better grip, spray hairspray at the roots before returning the hair on top of the head. Secure with pins the same color as your hair. Of course, this hairstyle is associated with a strapless dress or tulle. A glamorous chignon inflated To avoid the strict look while remaining feminine and romantic, you can choose…

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  • Latest Hair Styles

    Short hair with bangs fall 2013 2014

    It will fall and with it, one of the biggest fashion trends in haircuts and hairstyles, nothing less than the fringe. That bangs that you like, will be back in its many styles but triumphing which completely covers the front and looks straight. Whether highly stylized or slightly disheveled, you can choose which one you like most. And so you go looking styles hairstyles with bangs fall 2013 2014, our suggestions ahead of a season that is yet to come, but it’s never too early to be aware of fashion.

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  • 4_leafs_hairstyles
    Celebrity hair styles,  Latest Hair Styles

    The 4 leafs hairstyles of our favorite girls

    The experts tell us how to bring these hairstyles beauty icons The British stylist Anthony Turner and renowned colorist Mario Charalambous , experts from L’Oréal Professional , are one of the most dynamic duos that inspire trends. This time, creativity peaked, then took on the task of creating the hottest summer styles in four irresistible manes: the socialite and model Poppy Delevingne , blond mane top model Pixie Geldof , that of Spanish blogger Malena Costa and the upcoming-actress asian Chen Ran . Check proposals and be inspired to give it a fresh and trendy touch to your look, just in time for the holidays. PINK SPLASH The new technique Splashlight is…

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