Celebrity hair styles

Popular Celebrity hairstyles you would love to adopt in you..!!


“Keep your hairs so stylish that you are to wear a crown today.” There are always times in life when a woman changes her every mood to alter her hairstyle. And the time her fashion-o-meter raises high, it becomes the finest urge to understand the best of celebrity hairstyles which she could follow or implement on her. This makes a worth writing for women who love playing with hairs and often have a habit of altering hairstyles, experimenting on various ways their hair can look more like a shining star. So all you lovely darling ladies; spend 15 minutes of your life in this blog and go for an understanding on some of the latest fashion celebrity hairstyles.

Celebrity hairstyle for short hairs:

“I keep my hairs short so as to have a big space for my attitude!” There are ladies who love to have short hairs and that makes them look fashionable holding their own unique style. Go for a check on some of the wondrous Celebrity hairstyles for short hairs.

  1. Texture Pixie Hairstyle of Halle Berry: The signature look of Halle Berry, the texture pixie hair style counts on her genuine style statement. This particular real fascinating short hairstyle  has  dominated the world of fashion since a long time and many of the women have been actually inspired by this style in short hairs.
  2. Chopped Pixie Hairstyle of Anne Hathaway: If you are in love with your short hairs then it is for sure you will love the chopped pixie hairstyle inspired by Anne Hathaway. Now you do not have to worry about your girlish look with the intense short hairs. This hairstyle makes you look pretty feminine even with your short hairs. The textured edges get you the squashy look in your hair and you look more of a hair fashionista.
  3. Short bob hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston: Hairs cut down to the shoulders with style & keeping you light and hassle free combing; is what adopted by the star personality Jennifer Aniston. Inspired with this short bob hairstyle, many women in current days have grown their finest craze for making their hair look stylish and make them feel more of a chic.

Celebrity hairstyle for Long hairs:


“The longer my hair, the longer I get chance to spend time with them.” For women who love having long hairs, there are enough ways they can keep their hair grow in style & look stylish. Here below are some of the popular celebrity hairstyles for long hairs.

  1. The movable waves hairstyle of Jessica Alba: The loose and movable hairs with an attractive ombre hair color adorned by the superb actress Jessica Alba is what every woman with long hairs preferring twist in her hair fashion, would follow very often.
  2. Full Bun hairstyle inspired by Kelly Rippa: If you are a follower of the elegant actress Kelly Rippa, you are definitely going to love this Full bun hairstyle of hers. This type of hairstyle actually delivers absolute level of sophistication and keeps you celebrated.
  3. Blunt bags hairstyle of Jessica Beil: Are you with real long hairs to make you look real elegant? Jessica Beil the shining tall heighted star follows the Blunt bags hairstyle which is quite admirable if you are the one with long hairs. Here the long straight hairs ate paired up with few stellar bangs and this looks exclusively gorgeous.
  4. The Messy updo hairstyle of Eva Longaria: Want to look a hot chic? Want to run with messy style? Go for the messy updo hairstyle that is much followed by Eva Longaria. Such a hairstyle suits you the best for someone to raise the surrounding environment by two degree high.
  5. The sleek low ponytail hairstyle inspired by Kim Kardashian: Such a type of hairstyle looks absolute great at workplaces as well as in the casual parties. Inspired by Kim Kardashian ladies can go for such a hairstyle  and complimentary stylish sleepwear and in case want to be with casual outfits and corsets  and look classy & confident.