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The best way to put in hair extensions

The perfect hairstyle can add a woman’s beauty and confidence. Sometimes the perfect hairstyle requires more hair than we do of course have grown on our heads. This is where hair extensions come in when done correctly, can hair extensions add flexibility and versatility to the hair, while looking completely natural. For the right extension technology, you also need to choose the right hair for technology and for your hair type. You must also decide on the amount of flexibility and longevity you want out of style.


Types of hair
Hair weave used with extension technique varies. Hair is loose (bulk) or tracked (weft). It also comes in many colors and textures. Try to match the texture and color to that of your natural hair. For healthy, relaxed African American or Caucasian hair using Remy or Yaki weave. For Asian or Latino hair, Silky Straight. For natural African American hair, matches Kinky hair better texture of natural hair.

Extension Techniques
There are three main techniques for inputting additional: Gluing, braiding, and infusions. There are pros and cons to both. Knowing what you want out of your hair will indicate which technologies work best for you.

Bonding is the preferred technology to put in hair extensions. It’s quick and easy to implement, and does not take too much effort to style. The problem of bond is that it offers no flexibility in re-styling the hair. Bonding does not last more than a few weeks, and the glue used can cause considerate damage to the natural hair, if done incorrectly.


Bonding with subject’s hair. The natural hair is divided into sections. Hair adhesive is added to the threaded portion of the fibers, and then placed on the natural hair near the scalp. When the entire web application, the hair cut and styled. The steps are very simple and do not take much time. Temple Of Hair – Hair Extensions Salon in London is the best one for your hair extension.

Braiding lasts longer than bonding, but takes longer to do. The extensions are braided into the natural hair in various styles. The fabric can be braided all the way down, or just in the roots with the rest of your hair hang loose and styled. Loose, bulk hair for plaiting weaving in extensions.

Infusions last the longest, and offer the most versatility. Loose, bulk hair is added to the natural hair with glue, hot wax or special hairpins. The hair is sectioned off into very small pieces before adding fabric. It takes several hours to do the whole head, but infusions can last up to six months. Hair can be shampooed, conditioned, processed, dyed and restyled simultaneously infused.