Select and wear a shirt

shirtSelect and wear a shirt is not always an easy task. The shirt is a timeless clothes. The shirt covers all styles, from the wisest to look more eccentric. But it is not always obvious to choose a shirt for you and especially to know to wear a shirt in the best way it is. Here are some tips to help you choose and wear a shirt.

Choose a plaid shirt
Inherited from the traditional Scottish kilt, the tile is still a tendency , and comes in several colors . All Stars have adopted it, the shirt plaid is all the rage even on the podium of the greatest creators.

The fashion look: like Mary Kate Olsen, adopt the tartan shirt XXL, wear it with leggings and boots. As soon as time permits wear it with bare legs. To avoid the effect of ” nightgown “accessorize your plaid shirt with jewelry , a watch , a long necklace, a headband .

The cowboy look: wear a plaid shirt with boots or cowboy boots, add a hat and a small jacket .

The rock’n’roll look: choose a shirt with big red and black tiles with a jean black, a jacket and boots.

Wear a plaid shirt:

If your forms are generous: Choose a long shirt, plaid or thin stripes to hide your small vertical curves.
If you have a small chest: Avoid shirts too broad and would prefer larger tiles, you can dare to flashy and shirt XS style british schoolgirl to tie under the bust.

Select clothing and wear a shirt united:
The shirt is out for any occasion and whatever your style. White, black, pink, red, fuchsia, purple, you have the choice!

The classic look: choose a white shirt with collar cut well with pretty buttons, to give a straight skirt or trouser clip and preferably black shoes .

The casual look: choose a shirt in pastel colors with jeans for a casual look. Small ballerinas or boots.

You have a small chest dare shirts with acid colors straight, ready body or slightly baggy.
You are luscious: Avoid bright colors and prefer shirts in the shadows, not too tight to avoid the effect sausage. Buttons to unbutton the first glimpse of your beautiful neckline.

Select and wear a shirt printed:
With the arrival of spring, choose a shirt that reflects your mood! Dare bright colors, floral motifs, stripes.

You have a bohemian style: choose the shirt printed, preferably long. Whether you agree with a messenger bag or a canvas shoulder bag.

You have a retro style: crack for a pink shirt with flashy designs, you wear a big belt and slim .

The printed shirts and colorful. They will go better if you combine them with jeans or slim pants , leggings or a black to contrast. Flee also the total look flowers! You will wear a flower with a low preference plain and simple.
Finally, if your shirt is off, do not wear baggy trousers. Effect pajamas guaranteed!