Meghan Collison retro
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Meghan Collison retro hairstyle

Meghan Collison retroMeghan Collison retro hairstyle all love the glamorous hairstyles of those “retro” that give a sophisticated touch to any look and have been a consistent fashion in recent years. We like us and like the most famous designers, so we see them every so often on the covers and catwalks and although it is true that we have already made some proposals for year-end events, there is always more.

This is the great styling made for pretty model Meghan Collison photographed by Ben Toms lens genius for editing the fashion bible, Vogue in its Russian edition. A great retro hairstyle Meghan Collison you can try for yourself and draw on some of the advice you have given on how to do in our “step” so to work … you can look as fabulous as like.