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Solutions for hair problems

Solutions hair problemsSolutions for hair problems … Many problems can be that your hair is suffering at this time we answer and we present these natural solutions to restore it and wear it splendid.

Then solutions to the problems of hair:

Mask gasified herbs to fight: nothing better to put 1 teaspoon rosemary leaves and sage leaves 3 inside a glass bottle, wide neck and add 3 teaspoons of soybean oil, almond oil 3 and 3 wheat germ, previously mixed in another container. Close the bottle, drain and wait 20 days to use.

More color and brightness: a handful of rosemary to boil in a pint of white wine and apply in the final rinse. If your hair is gray, sage infusion may turn brown. Boil for half an hour and soak two hours. Wet hair with liquid daily until the desired color.

Dandruff Solution: When the hair problem is dandruff, mix one cup of cider vinegar with an infusion of nettles. Apply every day with a gentle massage.