Hairstyles hippies
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Hairstyles hippies

Hairstyles hippiesThe hippies hairstyles are those that recreate the style of the “hippie look” that set the trend and made ​​the dress and her hair in the early 60 loso and much of the 70.

The hippies had an air and a spirit based on freedom and why the hair of women who belonged to this “urban tribe” used to wear loose hairstyles sencilloy or fairly easy to do ..

Hippies hairstyles:

  • In order to achieve a simple hippie hairstyle the best option will be able to wear their hair out so that we remain in complete freedom.
  • Another option is to loose hair that add a ribbon or scarf podemso and put us look at the front so it looks like a simple and natural hair as it had in the 60’s.
  • Braids are also a type of hair “hippie”. We can choose to wear two braids that are placed on the shoulders, or on the other hand, bring something more elaborate and for that we can use a braid to serve as a setting for the hair down.