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Hairstyles for short hair

short hairHaving short hair does not mean the variety of hairstyles that is limited. As with long hair, hair That Touch the shoulders, or just your ears, You Can Also With An infinite number decoration of styles that promise you the ‘look’ amazing and unique that you’re waiting

If you’re bold and you cut your hair cortito, we give you keys for peinartelo of the Easiest and MOST comfortable, taking reference to the famous hairstyles.

short hair

The case of Rihanna
Short and sassy hair like Rihanna takes. It is a hairstyle that does not needed much time to comb it. Asymmetric cut, boy short style, with loose locks on the part of the forehead bangs falling like. Comb with gel less loose strands, these are smoothed. Or if you prefer, all the hair strands engominate the Placing as you like. Even you can apply wax on the fringe.
Hairstyles for short hair

Also Sharon Stone have short hair
Melena very short step as you Sharon Stone. With a very very cortito downloaded bangs, with peaks. Alisatelo raising tips. To Remain apply a little wax or lacquer. If you’re daring, With A Little peinatelo tousled hair gels.

With Victoria Beckham Have Different styles two for short hair?

Hairstyles for short hair

Victoria Beckham: first look
The first is a very short hair, women’s very bold and radical. The boy cut style, with hair in spikes that poke-through the front blunt. peinartelo To use a little wax.

Victoria Beckham with A little more hair extension
The second is to Slightly Longer Cut with bare neck, With Some Other layer. Alisatelo all with an iron.

Victoria Beckham

Which of the two hairstyles you stay? I’ll stick with the second option, Their Wicks give more light to the face, and much more gives him a feminine than the first.

If you have short hair and do not know what to do With It, look at what celebrities do With Their hair. Almost always right.