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Hair Care in Summer

Hair Care in summer … The arrival of the months of intense heat is not a good time for hair health.

Then Hair Care in summer:

The sun, the dry, sea salt, chlorine and most affect hair sweating and is stronger and defends skin from UV rays by increasing the production of melanin the hair is unable inert matter to protect themselves.

The hair fiber in addition, he also lacks regenerative properties, so that “once it has been damaged, the process is irreversible.

Fortunately, the damage can be limited with a full program of basic care and prior to sun exposure, to be applied to all hair types.

Clean up the ends is the first step of our program, as all experts recommend cutting review before starting the summer.

The reason is simple: since the most vulnerable to any aggression, showing minimal wear tips worsens rapidly, becoming a porous structure, discolored and rough that affects the overall beauty of the rest of the hair.

Therefore, it is best to remove a couple of inches and start the summer with a healthy hair.

If they are badly damaged, can be restructured through the application of specific products for the tips, which improve their appearance by protecting the cuticle and close their scales, but to be effective it must apply every day.