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Give a beautiful look to oily hair


Characteristics of greasy hair

It is recognized oily hair when the hair is shiny, heavy, flat and glued to the skull even the day after a shampoo. This makes for one in four women and is characterized by seborrhea, an overproduction of sebum . This gives a shiny appearance to hair and becomes harmful in the long term. There three levels of the excess oil. In the first stage, the only fat hair styling making the painful and difficult with greasy hair, heavy and soft. Second degree of oily dandruff are formed with seborrhea with the formation of bacteria and itching. Finally, if the most serious third-degree has a very important producing seborrhea seborrheic alopecia, hair loss is inevitable.

Greasy hair: causes of seborrhea

Seborrhea is overproduction of sebum, a fatty substance naturally lubricating the hair and protects against pollution. This reaction is due to a disorder of the sebaceous glands secrete sebum. This disruption can be genetic, due to stress, nervousness, a diet too rich in fats or by a period of great fatigue. It is also caused by the attacks the scalp plagued by repeated handling chemicals such as perms, straightening or coloring. The use of shampoos often leads to inappropriate hypersecretion of sebum. In all cases, the lifestyle is the basis of the seborrhea that is activated easily with a simple constipation or sleep disturbances.

Tips and Care for oily hair

To restore the look of your hair, some gestures are banned as using water at high temperature or rub the scalp with nails during a shampoo. Too frequent washing, sweating or wearing hats are not recommended. As carefully, choose a shampoo ultrasoft neutral pH, suitable for this type of hair by having to dilute the product in small quantities during washing. Opt for a quick wash with cold water final rinse to tone hair and shine without leaving the shampoo pause. A light massage of the scalp rapidly activates the microcirculation. A hair mask with clay regularly cleanse the hair and opt for a diet based on vegetables and fruits to remove toxins sebaceous.