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What nutrients the hair needs

nutrients for hairWhat nutrients needed by the hair. Your hair is long enough to be in shape? Here are the ingredients that may be missing in your diet to nourish your hair.

The nutrients we need for the hair:

  • Amino acids help revitalize the scalp. Present in meat, eggs and dairy.
  • Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and are found in citrus, soybeans, broccoli, and tomatoes among others.
  • Omega 3: Maintains healthy hair and is in high proportion in tuna and salmon.
  • Vitamin A is involved in tissue regeneration and proper functioning of the scalp. It is found in milk, egg and butter.
  • Vitamin B: enhances blood circulation. Present in cereals, milk and vegetables.
  • Minerals: A Healthy hair requires a good supply of iron, potassium and copper.
  • Vitamin C: helps in the absorption of iron and is found in fruits and raw vegetables.

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