red mouths
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The trick anti-crisis: fluorescent colors for eyes, red mouths

One of the main trends for make-up for the winter 2011 2012 is the use of color: bright colors, or shades in luxurious shades of gold for the eyes. And red lips, bright red. A healthy and positive reaction to negative news from the world and the economic crisis.

red mouths

Bright colors: fluorescent and gold hues
The make-up for the coming season features a light and playful approach. We want to contrast the color (blue?) Reality. Here, then, we choose strong colors – even fluorescent lamps – for the eyes. It is very fashionable to the ‘color blocking’, a technique that involves the use of a single color that covers the whole eyelid, to reach even up to the eyebrows. You can also put a little ‘color under the eyes. It is a cheerful, straightforward way for a make-up looks impressive. Opt for neon colors: orange, pink or green. Another color that is in fashion is the gold that always expresses a sense of luxury (which we need in these times).

Red mouths
Do not love the colorful lids? Then choose a mouth turned into a bright red hue. Remember that this winter we want to be precise!

A perfect base
Colored red eyes or mouth, a perfect base is always a must. It must be natural light e… impeccable.

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