hair before coloring
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Keys to your hair before coloring

Before the hair dye How to dye her hair alone? Here a few tips to transform your look from the comfort of your home.

hair before coloring

Before dyeing your hair

  • First, get a cut.
  • Make sure that the ends are healthy for your hair to better absorb the color.
  • The layered cuts help to highlight the new tone.
  • To reduce the damage that can lead to chemical to the thread, start condition, at least a month before. The masks are your best friends in this process. Apply once a week. The idea is to hydrate the hair, to make the color more uniform look.
  • Before applying the dye, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly.
  • If necessary, use the shampoo three times before conditioning. This ensures the removal of any residue of any product you have previously applied.
  • Thoroughly clean the root.
  • Choose the color
  • This is the most complex part of the process.
  • To reduce the margin of error must know that the intensity of the dye is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the darkest and 10, the blond. Brown is the number 5.
  • Redheads have their own scale, should know that the 5-1 obtained a violet hue and while from 5 to 10 more coppery red.
  • If you decide to make highlights for the first time, always choose a shade lighter than your natural color, contrast not to create a subtle, but forceful. At the same time, light up your face.
  • Remember that the ideal is to choose up to two shades lighter or darker than your own to prevent the change are so dramatic and then you might regret.
  • For those who are stained for the first time, the tones you say, cool or neutral are the most recommended.
  • Cover the gray is easy if you choose a tone that goes between the silver and your natural color, so hide the growth.
  • If the color will not be what you want, you can opt for shampoo bleach.

hair before coloring

How to dye her hair alone?

  • When you apply yourself at home color, save time.
  • It is important that you follow the instructions for each product to avoid disaster.
  • Buy your own application equipment, because they include in the package are not always the most effective.
  • A bottle applicator facilitates the process and prevents spills excessive amounts of color in the thread.
  • To prevent your skin also stained finish Apply Vaseline on your forehead and ears with cotton and always wear gloves. This resists the dye.
  • Program a timer since you started the application.
  • Wrap the hair with a plastic cap.
  • The heat helps the thread to better absorb the dye.
  • Make sure that the place where you have a room temperature is best warm.
  • If your hair below the shoulders makes sure you have at least two bottles of dye. This’ll need.
  • With the help of a mirror covers well the root.
  • Remove the neutralizing shampoo color provided by each product.

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