Hair care
Hair care

Hair care – 5 myths dispelled

Always comes back as an argument … hair care products. And rightly so, because it’s an important thing for most of the readers who write to us for advice. Because we want all of the hair strong, healthy, shiny.

Hair care
Will this be the reason why many suggestions circulating on the net and many tips on how to treat the hair and what to do to get them even more beautiful. But these will all be fair and reliable advice? Not all. This article dispels five myths about hair, with the help with Silvia Pagani, an expert in hair care products.

Wash your hair too often it hurts
It is not true. ‘Always depends on the products you use,’ says Silvia Pagani. ‘If you wash your hair every day with a product that attacks the hair, or if you use a product that is not suitable for your hair type, then yes that is ruined. But if you use a suitable product, then you can also wash your hair every day.

Hair care
Indeed, if the product used is rich in proteins and other substances useful for your hair, your hair might even benefit from frequent washing. So it is not true that washing your hair frequently hurt’.

If you cut them regularly, your hair grow faster
It is not true. ‘The hair, when it comes out from the skin, is dead’, explains Silvia Pagani. Life is all around the hair bulb, the hair follicle, the papilla. The hair does not have a nervous system or bloodstream. That’s why if you cut a hair does not hurt, but try to take the hair from the skin, try to pull a hair, and feel bad because the hair ripped traumatize the inside of the skin, the hair there, where he lives. So knowing that when it comes out from the skin the hair is dead, it’s easy to understand that cutting hair is not often stimulates their growth.

Split ends can be cured
It is not true. There is only one remedy for split ends: cut. There are products that ‘stick’, so to speak, split ends, but freshly washed hair, will reappear. ‘Of course you can try to improve the quality of the hair to combat split ends’, says Silvia Pagani, using the right products, quality and paying attention to the care of the scalp. Split ends can then be also the result of aggressive treatment; can be caused by too hot plates. In this case it is best to discontinue these treatments or change the means of styling.

It is good practice to regularly change the shampoo
It should not be necessarily true. ‘It depends on what you would expect from a shampoo’, says Silvia Pagani. Some people have the feeling that after a while the hair ‘gets used to shampoo and do not react the same as before. Some like shampoo mainly for its scent and likes to change it for this reason with some regularity. From melon with coconut and so on. It is therefore a very personal matter. But if you find a shampoo that meets all your needs, then you can use it throughout life. Just that it is suitable to your hair.

Remove a gray hair and two grow
It seems strange. The gray hair appears when decreasing the production of melanin to the hair root. Is the loss of pigmentation of the hair but it follows the normal cycle of growth. So it seems strange that removing a gray hair, two will escape. Unless you remove that right next to the hair does not grow at that moment, two gray hairs, but it would be just a coincidence!

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