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Four make-up look for the winter 2011-2012

Feel like a new make-up look? Either follows – as true beauty addict – make-up trends of the moment? So get ready, because we have four new makeup look straight from the catwalks for winter 2011-2012. The looks were created by the fashion show backstage make-up artist from MAC this season that the trick to have treated more than 200 shows around the world. Looks reflect the make-up trends for this season’s most important. Michael Magnani, senior make-up artist MAC Italy explains how to create them.

Make-up looks 1: Mod-Ernist. Influences 60
She is inspired by the Mod-Ernist makeup 60s. The recall, however, it is found only for some elements in the style of makeup and do not play in a total 60’s look. The look ‘Mod-Ernist’ shows a woman recovers from the current and the 60 elements of a nostalgic femininity.

make-up look
Here’s how to create this look:

Use the eyeliner with totally new forms: horizontally elongated and straight as a spear or often with geometric shapes or colored (blue, gray or green).
Start of the mascara. Use mascara to eyelashes will and with no defined to create the so-called ‘Twiggy effect’.
Made-up lips with lipstick or baby pink pale tangerine. Apply lipstick with no pencil.
Perfect skin with highlights such as the textured modern Facegloss (important product on the runway) is a must. Apply the product on the cheekbones, forehead and eyelids.

Make-up looks 2: Tough Love. A little ‘male
Tough Love is the new androgynous look. The woman Tough Love has nothing to do with the androgynous year 80 (women who seemed “bad boys”), but this style is identified with only the elements of strength.

make-up look

That’s the advice of Michael Magnani. How to create this look:

Well sculpted face with light and dark so that the features are well marked.
Emphasize the eyebrows creating straight and curved forms, or cancel the eyebrows.
Do not use mascara or use only a little mascara (preferably brown).
But do not forget to add a touch of femininity by wearing a red lipstick or menacing black / glossed.

Make-up looks 3: Disco-Tech. Inimitable
The woman ‘Disco-Tech’ loves to experiment and dare. This trend makeup is like a ‘make over’; it shows all the focus (eyes, mouth) of the face. The Disco-Tech is the only woman, and especially unique can turn any day, “no” at a party.

make-up look

That’s the advice of Michael Magnani. How to create this look:

You can ‘dress’ eyes with all possible colors, or those around you with surprising effects such as unusual bluverde-peacock, red or brown cocoa.
Opt for false eyelashes of any shape or color.
The skin of the face should be perfect and will have the higlighters (light points) and sculpting (light and dark areas).
Made-up lips with lipstick shades blended together to create the inimitable.

Make-up looks 4: Amber-Gris. Grey e…
The make-up look is sophisticated and Amber Gris-new. This trend sees entirely new combinations.

make-up look

That’s the advice of Michael Magnani. Here’s how to recreate this look:

Made-up eyes with gray mixed with amber, chinchilla colored, copper, ocher, honey … Have them combine to create unique shades.
Signed the look with a personal touch using the fingers instead of brushes. The use of the fingers is vital in this trend because each shade is unique.

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