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    Four make-up look for the winter 2011-2012

    Feel like a new make-up look? Either follows – as true beauty addict – make-up trends of the moment? So get ready, because we have four new makeup look straight from the catwalks for winter 2011-2012. The looks were created by the fashion show backstage make-up artist from MAC this season that the trick to have treated more than 200 shows around the world. Looks reflect the make-up trends for this season’s most important. Michael Magnani, senior make-up artist MAC Italy explains how to create them. Make-up looks 1: Mod-Ernist. Influences 60 She is inspired by the Mod-Ernist makeup 60s. The recall, however, it is found only for some elements…

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  • hair before coloring
    Hair care

    Keys to your hair before coloring

    Before the hair dye How to dye her hair alone? Here a few tips to transform your look from the comfort of your home. Before dyeing your hair First, get a cut. Make sure that the ends are healthy for your hair to better absorb the color. The layered cuts help to highlight the new tone. To reduce the damage that can lead to chemical to the thread, start condition, at least a month before. The masks are your best friends in this process. Apply once a week. The idea is to hydrate the hair, to make the color more uniform look. Before applying the dye, make sure you wash…

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  • eliminate dandruff
    Hair care

    Bicarbonate to eliminate dandruff

    Bicarbonate to remove dandruff. Use baking soda to eliminate dandruff, happens to be a home remedy very effective and economical. Do it as follows. Remedy for dandruff with baking soda Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of baking soda Some water.

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  • foods strengthen hair
    Hair care

    What foods strengthen hair

    What foods strengthen hair? Hair is not just an aesthetic part of the human body, but is a living material that also suffers and benefits from the state of health of the body. Here the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, wheat germ, legumes, oatmeal, brown rice, ginger, etc. And conversely, minimize the consumption of animal fats, refined flours, bakery products, fried foods, sugars, etc… It is important to avoid lightning unbalanced dieting and you have to drink plenty of water because the hair also needs hydration.

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  • nutrients for hair
    Natural care

    What nutrients the hair needs

    What nutrients needed by the hair. Your hair is long enough to be in shape? Here are the ingredients that may be missing in your diet to nourish your hair. The nutrients we need for the hair: Amino acids help revitalize the scalp. Present in meat, eggs and dairy. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and are found in citrus, soybeans, broccoli, and tomatoes among others.

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  • Hair care
    Hair care

    Hair care – 5 myths dispelled

    Always comes back as an argument … hair care products. And rightly so, because it’s an important thing for most of the readers who write to us for advice. Because we want all of the hair strong, healthy, shiny. Will this be the reason why many suggestions circulating on the net and many tips on how to treat the hair and what to do to get them even more beautiful. But these will all be fair and reliable advice? Not all. This article dispels five myths about hair, with the help with Silvia Pagani, an expert in hair care products.

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  • red mouths
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    The trick anti-crisis: fluorescent colors for eyes, red mouths

    One of the main trends for make-up for the winter 2011 2012 is the use of color: bright colors, or shades in luxurious shades of gold for the eyes. And red lips, bright red. A healthy and positive reaction to negative news from the world and the economic crisis. Bright colors: fluorescent and gold hues The make-up for the coming season features a light and playful approach. We want to contrast the color (blue?) Reality. Here, then, we choose strong colors – even fluorescent lamps – for the eyes. It is very fashionable to the ‘color blocking’, a technique that involves the use of a single color that covers the…

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  • Young Girl Haircuts
    Latest Hair Styles

    Young Girl Haircuts

    Young girls are more daring when embarking on a new look, which is why so since we speak of peinados.es haircuts that are carried over this year. Although the long hair will never go out of fashion since it is these that give the game more time to do any style. Therefore, if such become a full haircut is important not to forget the layers as well as to outline the cut, as this will give much more play, plus will enable a greater volume and more life to your hair.

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  • Women Haircuts
    Latest Hair Styles

    Women Haircuts

    Within all Haircuts by type of person, it’s time to tell you about trends in hairstyles for women in this year 2011. The trends for cutting women’s hair are varied, ranging from the most extreme cuts the boy style, to the long hair in which the layers and long bangs are great players. The bangs to the fore again in 2011, changing the style that depending on the type of hair and cutting have chosen. For those that you have fine hair and thin face what you most agree is the short hair decanted are much scaled to provide increased volume with a long fringe lopsided.

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