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Trick to give volume to fine hair

fine hairTrick to give volume to fine hair, certainly give volume to hair is one of the things they want to achieve all the girls, except those having a curly or wavy hair not see them with this problem is more common in straight hair , without necessarily exclude the wavy hair can sometimes present lack of volume. But even the best products help to give the appearance of more volume, the best way to do this effectively is cut off.

You have to choose if your hair is straight and fine, for a court no later than the shoulders, the weight of the hair makes him look more lacking in volume, and you have to choose if you want layers give volume to straight hair, a layered cut or straight cut bias gives the appearance of having more volume and if you resort to hair coloring, consider this one tip, hair dye the parts from the center to the ends with heavy layers, staples or highlights, giving the impression that the hair has more volume.

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