hair dyes in pregnancy
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Maternity special: you can make the hair dyes in pregnancy?

Hair dye and pregnancy: what to do? Coloring hair during pregnancy is dangerous for the fetus? The substances in hair dyes into the body? And sunburns are allowed?

hair dyes in pregnancy

Doubts about coloring chemicals during pregnancy are so many, and often the answers are conflicting. If you have doubts about read this article to clear your ideas and understand what to do with your hair during pregnancy.

What they contain dyes hair
The dyed hair is a real concentration of chemicals such as ammonia, resorcinol, m-phenylenediamine and o-aminofenolosono. It is particularly strong ingredients, but in normal condition is not harmful and can cause the most allergies.

During pregnancy, however, is a different matter: ammonia in the first place, these substances enter the body if they are in contact with the scalp and may cause some failure in the fetus.

Pregnancy: Tint or Not?
The colors are not recommended during pregnancy, because the substances may enter the body presential inside the mother through the scalp and reach the fetus, making it potentially harmful.

hair dyes in pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy are the most delicate for the formation of the fetus and is essential to avoid coming in contact with the chemicals contained in hair dyes, both in full color that meches and sunstroke: no colors during the the first 90 days of pregnancy.

Then you can make different choices, if you just can not help but color the hair: the ideal would be to use henna, or opt for meches and sunstroke, which affect the length and the skin – possibly making sure that do not contain ammonia. The important thing is not to get in contact with chemical dyes the skin and skin, for any reason. The same applies after birth, for the duration of breastfeeding.

In summary…

What to Avoid in Pregnancy

  • NO to chemical dyes during the whole pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding
  • NO to any color during the first 3 months of pregnancy
  • NO to products containing ammonia and resorcinol.

What is allowed in Pregnancy?

  • SI henna after the first trimester
  • YES to sunburn and meches after the first trimester
  • YES to natural products that do not come into contact with the scalp.

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