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Hairstyles and hair trends fall winter 2011-2012

The coming season (winter 2011 2012) is characterized by two major trends. On the one hand we see the immaculate hair, perfect down to the smallest Patricola, we will see the other side of the deliberately disheveled hair with boho influences.

Hairstyles and hair trends

Smooth back the hair
Back straight hair, but on one condition: that the hair is in perfect condition. The hair must be healthy and shiny. The cut should also be very nice. His hair slicked revealed in the blink of an eye if they are well maintained or not.

Male hairstyles with a lot of ink
The boyfriend blazers may be out of fashion, but this does not mean that fashion does not know more male influences. Indeed. The elegant and refined fashion for autumn winter 2011 2012, more than ever you let him breathe in the closet. This also applies to hair. Remain fashionable hairstyles ‘gel’ as those already seen during the summer of 2011. For an updated look make a very low line and bring the hair on the forehead to the other side of the face. The gel-gloss is a must. Back to the subject line in the middle.
Hairstyles and hair trends

Influences boho
One of the main trends in winter fashion is the boho-chic look, a trend that we review for the hairstyles that often are deliberately disheveled. New for the coming season are the large and unkempt tresses, often lengthened with extensions to make them reach beyond the waist. You can also opt for a ponytail with soft waves. Also go out of style seem to loose hair blowing in the wind.

Influences 60s
Comes from the ’70s boho look (of which above), but also the ’60s make their influence felt. On the catwalks for winter 2011 2012 we have seen so many hairstyles cotton volumes typical ’60s.

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