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Fancy Fringe: All The Secrets Of Bangs For Look Both Ways

Do you want to renew your image starting from the hair but are afraid to make a clean break with your hair? The right solution for you is not cutting his hair to zero, but the creation of a fringe!

In this way you will not have to face a radical change but it will revolutionize your look in an instant and your eyes will be on top. But remember that each type of facial is best with a particular fringe, then read the following suggestions and run with clear ideas at the hairdresser.

Fancy Fringe

First, it is important to choose what type of fringe you depending on your hair type, for example, if you keep your hair little mussed rebels who do not choose a heavy or long fringe, but a cheeky fringe that does not need special care. The choice of the fringe right, however, is essentially based on the shape of your face.

The Fringe for the Oval Face
If you have an oval face, each style will adapt easily to your face, the shape being very versatile. As there are no particular defects to be corrected, the fringe can be any type, thickness, shape and length: from the fringe to the fringe right side, from the fringe to the fringe full light.
Fancy Fringe

The Fringe for the Square Face
This type of face, angular and strong features, it needs to be softened and sweetened. So opt for a fringe rather long and slightly scaled to create roundness. It is best to avoid a fringe very short, high on the head, so as not to highlight the features of your face square.

The Fringe for Round Face
Round faces are often too large. So, try to balance this with a fringe width slightly, climbing and a little offset to the sides to give a little more length to the face. Remember us too long a fringe may appear a little stiff and overly emphasize the roundness of the face.

Fancy Fringe

The Fringe for the rectangular or oblong face
Reduce the length of the face and soften are the watchwords. So perfect is a fringe long and parade, which visually enlarges the face, giving more balance to the whole? Even better if the side, which helps to shorten the length of the face.

The Fringe for Face-Heart
The face to face with the heart is the classic broad cheekbones and pointed chin, a fringe and requires that the bevels and soften the chin. In this case, is fine and straight thick fringe?

Makeup of the Four Fingers for Undecided
You are undecided whether or not to fringe? Then try this simple trick. With an open hand, bend your thumb and place the remaining four fingers on the forehead, eyebrows to the hairline.

If you are comfortable, or if there is still room, your forehead is high and you can safely allow the fringe. If, however, beyond the hairline, try three fingers and then considers the matter according to the shape of the face, but be more cautious.

Are you unhappy in your Fringe?
If you did the bangs but you do not like the result, or if you’re trying to make it grow, do not miss the tips to grow your fringe at best.

The more ideas
Need inspiration for choosing the right fringe? Copy the fringes of the stars! If you want to revolutionize your look with a decisive cut, go see the suggestions for the ideal cut in the shape of your face!

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