Renew Lipstick
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3 Ways To Renew Your Lipstick With Old Style

All have an old lipstick that we no longer use the bottom of our cosmetic bag. But when the only solution seems to be the trash, try these three ideas to surprise yourself and others.

Renew Lipstick

They are easy tricks to give life to a disused lipstick, renewing it in an unconventional way and were able to use it in other forms. Ready to transform your old lipstick?

Create a Fashion Blush
Have you always wanted to try a cream blush? This is a good time: smile, take a little lipstick on the tip and pass it on cheeks blending up to the temples.

Thanks to the warmth of the skin will stretch out the best lipstick, leaving no greasy or too shiny area, giving a touch of color to the cheeks. Try it!

Invent a Lipgloss
Your lipstick is falling apart? Create a lipgloss using it with the shea butter: it will be diluted and perfect to get back on your lips into a new form.

Renew Lipstick

Put the pieces of lipstick in a jar and add a teaspoon of shea butter: then do it all melted in a double boiler and stir well. Let cool and use a brush or your fingers to apply it to his lips: wow.

Find the Idea for an eyeshadow
Your lipstick is a shade that you love? Then spread it lightly on the eyelids, inventing a new natural-toned eye shadow.

If the dye is particularly strong, as dark red or black, try a new kind of Smokey eyes creamy version.

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