Bridal hairstyles
Wedding hairstyle

Bridal hairstyles do it yourself

For long hair creates a head of curls

For long hair, there are numerous variations for the wedding styling.

Bridal hairstyles

The bride would wear the hair down, so it can be turned on big curlers. A generous dollop of mousse, spread before turning up in the wet hair, ensures the consistency of the curls.

But one should note that the hair is really dry before the first comb through in order to preserve the elasticity remains. Can create more volume through hair pieces? These can be sent straight to bridal hairstyles hidden under the veil or hair accessories. Even with decorative buckles that can be individually fit to the bridal bouquet and dress are even made himself very easily – hair clips “blanks” leads all hairdressing equipment – not only their own hair shinier, but the hair part is mounted unobtrusively. Fixed with a sufficient dose of hairspray to keep curls long dream and secure fit.

Pepp and effect with short hair

Even with short hair style can be enchanting bridal hairstyles.

Bridal hairstyles

In hairdressing equipment retailers, there are wonderful beads that can be folded easily by thin strands of hair and the individual sections of hair, mostly in the forehead to emphasize effective. Depending on the wedding dress and jewelry can also be gold or silver glitter gel is a very special effect highlights are created. Principle applies to short hairstyles that they should be decorated sparingly with accessories, because this can leave the head overloaded very quickly act. If no veils worn, the bride should also necessarily give up hair jewelry that goes beyond one’s hair length.

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