Treatments for hair growth
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Treatments for hair growth

We are all concerned about the hair growth. While men seek solutions to prevent baldness, women want to have a much stronger hair, long and attractive. While the hair usually grows about 16 cm per year, there are several treatments for hair growth not only accelerated the process but we also ensure a much healthier hair.

Treatments for hair growth

On this occasion are some tips to stimulate hair growth. You know that hair does not grow from one day to the other so you need patience to wait for their results. Discovered, then these treatments for hair growth that we seek.

  • Cut out the damaged ends. It seems a paradox, but the hair grows much faster when we cut frequently. Obviously, you have to go make a cut trendy but simply remove the damaged ends for the hair to grow healthily. Cut the ends every 8 or 10 weeks.
  • Adopt healthy habits. Our quality of life greatly affects the state of our hair. Follow a healthy diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals to stimulate growth of hair and beauty. Did you know that there are foods that strengthen hair? You can see them making a click here. Also please exercise good night’s sleep and avoiding stress, cigarettes and coffee.
  • Invest. Caring for your hair can be expensive for our pockets, but worth it. A strong and healthy hair does not go by unnoticed, so good comb with a comb, wash it with shampoo and conditioner best suited for your hair type and if you dye, is that they are of good quality.
  • Take care of your hair. Avoid washing your hair with very hot water; try not to use hair dryer and flat iron on. When you comb, do it gently without pulling too, with a wide tooth comb.

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