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beauty-careMedical tourism has become more rampant due to the way many procedures have been restricted or just plain banned in many first world countries. Many third world countries on the other hand have many disreputable folk and doctors ready to answer to this dangerous niche. Most if not all of the time, these banned plastic cosmetic surgery procedures are banned for a reason – that they are not safe.

It comes down to how safe you want to be. The third world lipo suction procedures might get you the body you want, but it could just as likely endanger you. So much can go wrong especially if you get it done from someone who is unlicensed or worse, disbarred for performing an illegal lipo procedure in the first place. There is not smart lipo cost, in the end

You may think it worthy and smart lipo cost to take a trip overseas just to get rid of some flab, but the fact is that it is not. The dangers that can come from an illegal lipo procedure often far outweigh whatever advantages or cost effective moves you think you could get from there.

Consider the additional costs that can come up from a botched liposuction, both in terms of medical expenses and for some people, the legal issues that would almost certainly arise. On the other hand, there are ways of getting rid of love handles that can be fun and socially advantageous. A lipo procedure, for one thing, still has some stigma in some social circles, as does cosmetic surgery in general. It may actually lead to feeling worse, in fact.

Proper intermittent exercise, for example, can keep your metabolism running faster than normal, allowing you to digest and process food faster and better, which can lead to increased weight loss. Becoming a weekend warrior or someone who just exercises during the weekend is not only dangerous as the suddenly and intermittent shock to your system could damage it, but it is largely ineffective as you won’t burn off the food you consume through the week.

It’s more than just looking the part, most of all – it’s about becoming someone disciplined enough to stick to a diet and an exercise regimen. Once you’ve got that discipline, you’ll find that other aspects of your life may also improve, as you find yourself able to focus better on both work and other parts of who you are, which is something no medical procedure would be able to give you.