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Hair trend: the cup headphones

The cut helmet for a glamorous retro look
Do you remember the haircut the singer Mireille Mathieu sported proudly in his years in success or that of Milla Jovovitch in Jeanne d’Arc? Well time has passed outdated arrangements and these types of hairstyles are now among the greatest classics of beauty salons. If you think to adopt a new look this summer, and especially if you have short hair, cut helmet will fit you perfectly. Especially since the choice is wide in style. The most popular model is known as the “helmet to Johnny Mathis.” Everything from the top of the head and fell in strands around the face.

Mireille Mathieu

The cup “headphones to Johnny Mathis,” to look wise and asked

Topped the round brush, preferably large and thick, the tips of the hair is slightly retracted. The movement is returning from the front to the neck, for a purpose helmet that covers the entire head. This pattern of hair is suitable for all face shapes and all types of hair, as long as the smoothing constant for those who have thicker or kinky. The finish of the cup to Mireille Mathieu is highly structured and can display a wise and look glamorous at all times. Those who prefer less straight fringes can opt for a slight sweep to the side or a fringe slightly degraded. The headphones also cut to hide some defects like ears are too big or a broad front.
Mireille Mathieu

The cup “headphones to the Twiggy” for an androgynous look and sexy
What fashionist knows no Twiggy, the top of the tops of the 60? For those who are exceptions to the rule, Twiggy is a legend and an icon of fashion trends during the “Roaring Twenties”. Her hair like a boy and his androgynous look wreaked havoc at the time. The famous ball cut the dummy then returns to the center of fashion for this summer 2011. The show presents Vog cut short up to date with “60’s Flashback”, offering the bowl-cut tapered from the inside and whose locks falling level with the eyebrows, are smoothed to the extreme. To this end, the round brush is always paramount. The tips of the hairs are bent inward and the top of the skull is slightly domed. It is advisable to match the makeup with the cup headphones to the Twiggy, choosing lipstick gloss 100% and a Smokey eye.

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