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Gold business

goldGold gains in times of rising inflation are becoming increasingly important. It focuses primarily on physical gold, as skeptics expect because of our finite monetary system in a few years back by a pairing of the paper money to gold. Gold comes in the form of tradeable than gold bullion or gold coins (bullion coins). We show you what to consider when buying or selling gold bullion.

Gold bullion never go broke! There were gold bullion as monetary metal it 2000 years ago. Back then gold bullion because they lack precision manufacturing processes have led directly into sand molds, where the liquid gold then froze. Also, due to lack of production process at that time were not gold bullion and gold coins, the common currency. Now it’s a great business buy bullion and sale it in time.

Today there are fixed quantities of gold bullion. The convenient bar form – in more than a kilogram, called bullion trading – the storage permitted in large quantities. The purity of gold bullion to be high in a fineness of at least 995th.

A distinction is minted gold bullion (“polished plate”) and cast gold bars. From the producer of a gold ingot, a logo and a serial number is applied. Gold bars are usually marked up to 100g, poured over it. Following the production of embossed gold ingot or punches to the manufacturer or the Mint on the logo and a serial number.
By giving a gold bullion coinage, the look that looks like an embossed coin. Cast gold bars are on the other hand, by round edges and surfaces is not straightforward. Also cast gold bars usually have a conical shape.