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Collected bridal hairstyles

bridal hairstylesThey take those gathered that mix different textures braids and thicknesses, bows dancer, disheveled pigtails and carded the same time. So gone are the bows and collected classical life and the trends are renewed by opening a makeshift range of styles and different look consistent with the type of dress you wear.

So do not get the hairstyle serious or overly ornate and sophisticated, but they can sin a little risky and daring to date and modern bride. Although it is also a place for romantic bride and conservative with a casual point as proposed by Elie Saab with a ruffled effect and highlighted its strong lateral stripe.

However Chloe proposed ultrapulido ballerina bun and graphic effect that gives a natural shine to hair and is achieved using a fine-toothed comb to refine the texture of hair. Oscar de la Renta also proposes the bows, although sophisticated bet is his strong point is the height of the volume collected and, more sumptuous.

Course to complete the look there to find the most spectacular slopes and in keeping with the look.

bridal hairstyles