haircut for 10 years younger
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A haircut for 10 years younger

Younger with long hair, stylish
Having long hair is good. It is also necessary to care for and adopt the right cut. Without structure, the hair loses its volume, flattened on top of the head and pull strokes. For a few years younger, choose a length just above the shoulders. To gain in volume, opt for a slight gradient, with an emphasis around the oval of the face. A cut in this style will give a more dense hair. In addition, the hair will appear bulky and lighter at the same time. What it offers, for sure, a rather stylized. For those who dream of wearing a fringe, take it to hide the crow’s feet.

haircut for 10 years younger

Rejuvenate with a square dynamic
A short and square graphic, or diving and very steep in Japan tends to tighten the facial features by making it more severe. The square cut at shoulder height, with the points drawn to the outside or the inside also provides an aged appearance. The solution to look younger than his age with hair to the square? Choose a glass dynamics. Therefore prefer the square of the eighties, slightly blurry. This hairstyle rounded facial features while extending their lines. A tip: smooth roots and then use a curling iron for length. Then use your fingers to break the hair. This technique will give the matter your hair and dress your face perfectly.
haircut for 10 years younger

The ponytail for a rejuvenating effect
The ponytail is, without doubt, the most basic hairstyle. It caps all the fairer sex, from 7 to 77 years. However, driven the wrong way, it may not be suitable. For example, wearing the crown of the head, it is teenager. Too tight a line in the middle, the ponytail tends to harden and dig the facial features. Low and not held, it gives an air of neglect. The right height? Behind the head, placed right in the middle of the skull. Scope in this way, it gives a little mischievous without being ridiculous. For lifter face, smooth the sides. If you would rather ultra-chic, the ponytail is just to wear the skull base, and well drawn.

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