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The red lipstick is fixed by the powder
It is during the parades, and especially in the backstage, you discover the beauty secrets of makeup. Backstage we met Massimo Rebecchi make-up artist Jabe, who is from Paris. The make-up artist working with larger brands such as Chloe, Christian Lacroix and Louis Vuitton collaborated with Lancome in Milan. For the parade of Massimo Rebecchi Jabe chose red lips, a little ‘retro yet modern.


A bit ‘but not too glamorous
‘Every season I love the collection of Max. This time we will see a girl on the catwalk very glamorous, but not too sophisticated. Natural and beautiful, really beautiful with just a touch of glamor. This is the mood I wanted to express with the trick that I created for this collection. So I chose the red lips but mat. The skin is very bright and the eyes are not too sophisticated. I used a bit ‘of mascara and lightly touched his eyebrows. So I created a look a bit ‘glamorous, a bit’ 40s but at the same time modern.’


A beautiful skin
We note that the skin of the models reflects light in a spectacular way. Jabe there reveals the secret.

‘To create this effect I used the gel Shadows Glacee Cooling Gel Illuminator For Eyes & Face of Lancome. It is a very good value with which you can create a very sophisticated usandone much and a very natural usandone little. I like it because it allows you to play with the light on her face. You can put it on the eyes, cheekbones, anywhere … ‘

red lip

Red lips
Of course we also want to know how he rigged the lips of the models. ‘For the lips I chose the 151 shades of Lancome. It is a color I really love. It’s a little ‘retro as the color but the texture is modern. It’s really a red ‘to kiss’ a bit’ old-fashion but also very timely. I applied the lipstick and because I wanted a matte effect I put on face powder. An old trick that is not only a nice but, and this will affect women, also prolongs the keeping of lipstick. It also helps prevent lipstick fill small wrinkles around the mouth ‘.

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