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How to apply false eyelashes

The false eyelashes are always associated with heavy makeup and in bad taste, made on the faces of bad actresses in the movies series B. But they are back in fashion, and if used properly and without overdoing it, can be a fashion accessory that greatly enhances the look.

false eyelashes

There are several types, the most known and used are two: the eyelashes whole (or strip, or tape), and tuft cilia.

  • The whole eyelashes are simple to apply and the market we find a great variety: all kinds of colors, decorations and exaggerated precious lengths from fear … The shape of the strip lashes revival of the real lashes, so as to ensure a quick and easy.
  • The eyelashes are a bunch made up of small clumps of false eyelashes designed to achieve a more natural effect. The application of a tuft of cilia is much more complicated and requires a little ‘more time. Depending on the desired effect and make you decide where to put those tufts.

How to choose the eyelashes
If you want a natural false eyelashes should be chosen based on the color of skin and hair: a proper tone is more natural and not look so extensions. Better even prefer tuft cilia.

false eyelashes

If you want to impress and be extravagant strip lashes are fine, with bright colors and rhinestones and decorative applications. If you can find all kinds,with feathers and original applications.

How to apply false eyelashes Whole (or strip or ribbon)
Gi tools you need are mascara, eyeliner, tweezers and a special glue. The natural lashes to be bent and curved to fit better than fake. Start with an eyelash curler and then bend your lashes, without pressing too hard. Next apply a generous coat of mascara and let dry.

This is the time of application: Put a small amount of special glue on a piece of foil, then take the eyelashes with tweezers and glue in the wet edge. Close your eyes, lend support to fake eyelashes and press lightly with your fingers starting from the internal to external.

Be careful to stick to the fake eyelashes exactly on the basis of the natural one. To standardize and settle lashes grab with thumb and forefinger real eyelashes and eyebrows and press gently. Now you can switch to the other eye and repeat the procedure. The excess glue dries out after a while and disappears altogether, so there is no need to remove it. As a final gesture apply a line of eyeliner.

How to apply false eyelashes at Tufts
Even here you have to first bend the natural lashes with an eyelash curler, mascara and then moves the system a little ‘glue on the foil. These lashes are applied to a bunch at a time, from the center of the eye outward, using the inner corner of the shorter tufts.

false eyelashes

Wet glue in a bunch at a time, always using tweezers, and apply the various tufts at your leisure. To get a look deep and intense with just a few tufts can be applied on the outside of the eyelid.

How to Remove Fake Eyelashes
To eliminate false eyelashes once he returned home runs along the arch of the eye a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover and off the lashes with your fingers or tweezers.Then ends with a good dose of eye makeup remover all over, to remove all traces of makeup.

To make you understand the process here is a useful application of video: it is in English but is very understandable and sufficient to observe the fundamental gestures.

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