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Choose and wear a jacket

jacketAn entire wardrobe should have a woolrich jackets. Winter night, mid-season, notched, straight or loose … Want to know how to choose the right and be great? We explain.

1) A jacket, morphology
All men want a jacket to enlarge and refine the silhouette. Beware proportions! It is most important. Take your time to try them. A jacket , like a coat , it reflects your personality and look, is the first thing you see and what people retain.

If you are tiny:
Avoid those that are too long, shorten your silhouette. Better choose the shortest, especially if you are thin. Do you have a few forms? A jacket slightly fitted, slightly flared at the bottom and you get to the middle of the buttock, seem smaller and focus on the waist look feminized.

If you are tall:
You have to find a jacket in harmony with your proportions. Levis could be you best choice. The sleeves should be long. You can allow fantasy to avoid falling into the classic, you can do sac. Thus, single female models with recessed belt or sleeve.

If you plump:
Do not wear jackets, trapeze or empire style, get wider. It places the cuts straight to failure to carry carved. A close fit to the body is more daring and want to highlight your willingness to give value. Denim Jeans with a jacket is a perfect match. Jeans are in different brands levis 501 is the best for its quality and design.

2) Color
We are all one color is better than another. For example, if your skin is brown, green or yellow shades will look great, they lie on a light-skinned, can become pale. Do not hesitate to ask for advice at your favorite store.

3) How to wear the jacket?

A summer breeze, a little fresh wind, the jacket is for the season from May to October. You can take in the afternoon, Fitted for a chic and comfortable style. You can also add a touch of glamour to your look with a scarf at the neck, very fashionable . The jacket that is fairly long or too short to take in a dress.