Bar Refaeli And Alessandra Ambrosio
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Bar Refaeli And Alessandra Ambrosio: 2 Ideas For Summer Makeup For Blondes And Brunettes

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio and Israeli model Bar Refaeli lit up the red carpet of ‘Amfar’, the gala event against AIDS that was held at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The two beauties, a brunette and a blonde are the ideal inspiration for the makeup in the summer depending on your colors: Choose Alessandra trick if you have dark eyes and hair, and makeup of the Bar is perfect for you if you have the light eyes and blond hair.

Bar Refaeli And Alessandra Ambrosio

Bar Refaeli: The trick to the blonde with blue eyes
If you have light eyes and blond hair, this is the right inspiration for you. As you can see, the makeup of the Israeli model is very light and bright: the eyes are illuminated by a light source in the interior of the eye and are highlighted by a light in shades of purple eyeshadow and black mascara so lashes.

As for the lips, mouth bar has opted for a natural wearing only a transparent lip gloss. Finally, the skin is very light: the model has a touch of peach blush at the temples and the pink blush on the cheeks.

How to copy her makeup? First cleanses the skin with a good moisturizer. Then lay a base for eye shadow on the eyelid and a very light beige eye shadow eyebrow arch.

Apply a light purple eyeshadow on the eyelid, blending well for a soft effect. Use a silver glitter eye shadow to apply only to the inner corner of the eye. With black eyeliner, draw a thin line above the insertion of the cilia and ends with plenty of black lengthening mascara.

Finally, apply a pink blush on the cheeks and a touch of peach blush at the temples, just above the eyebrows, keeping very light. Finish by dabbing on lip gloss is a transparent.

Alessandra Ambrosio: The trick to the dark-eyed Mora
You have brown eyes and brown hair? The makeup of Alessandra Ambrosio is for you. The model emphasized the look with makeup shades of purple and black eyeliner. She too has kept her lips natural makeup with a little gloss, and very light skin.

To copy her make-up, cleanses the skin and begins with a hydrating moisturizer. Following stretch a base for eyeshadow on the eyelid and an eye shadow ivory arch of the eyebrows.

Apply a purple eyeshadow on the eyelid, plus use it to trace the outline of the eye slightly. Use a lighter eye shadow to the inner corner of eye and eyelid sfumalo up to half.

Then, with a black pencil, draw a line at the base of the lashes top and also at the base of the lower lashes, in the eye. Finally, use volumizing mascara and separate lashes well, passing on lower lashes.

Apply a peach-colored blush on the cheeks and finish the trick with a very bright gloss transparent, to be applied on the lips to perfection.

Bar Refaeli And Alessandra Ambrosio

Clothing: Choose the right colors for your clothes too
In addition to the trick, it is important to choose clothing from the right color for you. Again, the two models we offer two suggestions for the perfect summer combination depending on your hair color.

The word is light, and for both blondes and brunettes: Bar Rafaeli and Alessandra Ambrosio both have opted for two light-colored, sequined inserts that reflect light and brighten the face and skin literally.

The Refaeli is wrapped in a golden beige dress, a color that is well suited to blondes with light skin. Alessandra has instead opted for a blue dress that brings out his darker complexion and brown hair.

It is interesting to see how the two models have worn two colors according to the theory of color combination are particularly difficult to bring to them, the gold is often referred to the brown, while blue is the perfect blonde. But this shows that in the summer with a tan and a lighter makeup, are often allowed more daring, Alessandra and Bar are in fact very well with the clothes of their choice.

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