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Tips to protect your hair after dyeing is

Hair color is something that is convenient and conducive because it allows the hair a new look and brighten your face if you decide on a lighter color of your natural tone, but the hair can be damaged if you do not give care necessary after dyeing, because the first days after dye is vital to prevent dryness and loss of natural shine.

protect hair

Avoid exposure to the sun for two days after you’ve dyed, and if it uses a beam of hat and umbrella, that allows not just burn the hair being dyed. During the first week of the dyed hair, keep hydrated with moisturizers and styling hair conditioner use more dye. Do not forget to change your shampoo for everyday use a color that you dyed hair and dyeing processes. A natural mask to moisturize come great. And remember, the 4th week you should cut the ends and roots dyed.

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