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How to make up for our party of 15

It is certain that in your quince want to be the most beautiful of all, this means you can not miss any detail of your grooming and between these details we have perhaps the most important makeup. Most of us at this age and we have made up several times, but most of these in a simple, rapid mascara, black eyeliner and lip gloss.

The day of our teenager we will be obliged to pay various kinds of cosmetics on her face and although they may be a bit uncomfortable that we will see even more beautiful, provided they implement them well. We can not allow that day so we exaggerated makeup (whether a professional who does) or worse in colors which are not in tune with our clothes and skin.

It is best to test a couple weeks before our celebration of how we could make up. There are things you can tell the makeup that will help you feel more comfortable with what you are applying, for example talk to him in detail about the colors of your dress (if you use one or more) and how you have makeup before, if you have not never put eyeliner under the eyes or if you are allergic to any type of makeup or brand.

If there’s something you like as you say you make up quickly for the note, you will not want to feel like a clown at your party. The most important thing is that once you look in the mirror, do not feel bad or recharged or worse as someone who is not you. You see yourself but even more beautiful than they already are and particularly comfortable, free for maximum enjoyment and look good all the time.

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