Wedding makeup

Beauty tips for a perfect wedding makeup

The ultimate purpose of makeup is to disguise the defects and make the bride look radiant, whether you go for a style as a modern classic.
What we ask the makeup? Do not run, to hold all day, not to show too …
If we want a perfect result we get in the hands of a professional with experience.

The quality of the products used and proper application of these and previous preparation of the skin are essential for a successful wedding makeup.

Before applying makeup the face should be relaxed. Take a lime or a glass of liquor, or get cold compresses to loosen the muscles.

  • The first step is to clean the skin thoroughly and apply toner and moisturizer about 20 minutes before (the time it takes to be absorbed).
  • The spots and dark circles are covered with concealer, fading several times with a brush that fits.
  • The base must be matted, preferably water and a very similar tone to the skin. Pressed powders are perfect for seating the base and also provide a velvety finish very pleasing to the eye.
  • The colors (eye shadow, lipstick and blusher) must be in harmony with each other. Thus, the makeup should choose the color range of cold or warm colors. The selection of one or the other will be based on skin color and hair of the bride, but can also seek harmony with the flowers of the field.

    Usually the eyes are soft lines, avoiding pearly shades. To illuminate shadow apply white or vanilla, depending on the tone of skin below the eyebrows.

    It is very important to define the eyebrows and apply a good mascara to enhance the look. We recommend the use of masks to counter possible waterproof tears.

    The latest betting trends through the eyes marked with black or brown draftsmen and dark shadows. In this case, the lips should be very soft.

  • Defined lips with a pencil, outline the outside if we want to look bigger. Depending on how you eye makeup, lipstick is more or less smooth, but always according to skin tone and hair. In any case avoid excessive glare and bet on long rods.
  • In conclusion, long-lasting blisters get the makeup perfect all day hold.

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