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Rasul’s hair soft
It is in Morocco found the only deposit of Rasul in the world. This kind of clay is very rich in minerals, whose main properties are to be antiseptic and absorbent. The Rasul is also known for its soothing properties. In the Eastern tradition, it is perfumed with cloves, rose petals and lavender before letting it dry in the sun, in the form of plaque. Used as a shampoo, Rasul contributes above all to regulate the sebum. It is also a good product to clean the scalp. It also makes hair extremely soft, shiny and easy to comb.


For a shampoo Rasul you need: 125 ml of washing base, 1.5 rounded teaspoon of green clay, a rounded tablespoon of Rasul, 5 to 10 drops each essential oils of lavender and cedar. Finally, 15 drops of natural vitamin E found in drugstore. The preparation is as follows: washing base is poured into a container, adding little by little green clay then Rasul stirring continuously. It then incorporates the essential oils one by one, and finally vitamin E. Were mixed well together before putting the mixture into a vial.

Color and shine with Henna
Henna is also known as “plant of paradise.” It is a shrub whose leaves are crushed and mixed with water to a paste coloring. It is mainly used to give effect to hair color. Henna is also used to boost by providing them with dull hair shine. Hair brown or brown, it provides some shades of colors ranging from golden to copper or auburn or bright red. To give only the strength and shine to hair without color, henna neutral ideal.

In a container of hot water, dilute about 200 grams of henna powder. It incorporates a tablespoon of olive oil that helps moisturize the hair. It manages to get a good mix. It then applies the mixture on the hair. It is important to note that application of henna should always be done on dry hair. Once the mixture on the hair is left to stand about 30 minutes in open air or wrapped in a warm towel steamed. For the effect of color is enhanced, you can see an exposure time of 12 hours maximum. Rinsing is done with warm water.

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