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Dealing with white hair?

Why does hair go gray?
The appearance of white hair is an unavoidable phenomenon. This is due to the drop in form of melanin is a dark pigment. Indeed, the hair turns gray when there is a little melanin in the hair, and it turns white when there is any more. On average, canities starts from 34 years. However, it is possible to have gray hair at age 20, it varies from person to person.


This phenomenon may be caused by psychological or emotional shock, such as stress. Heredity is also among the causes of bleaching hair. In some unusual cases, chronic renal failure may be the factor.

The solutions to adopt in dealing with white hair
You are not obliged to resort to staining . You can simply opt for easy care in deciding to take the white hair. For example you can try new hairstyles to highlight them with a twist. Indeed, the white color can easily enjoy themselves through a variety of colorful accessories that you can use: headbands, hats, etc.. By keeping this natural color, it is best to choose a special care with products tailored to your hair so they retain their beautiful reflections or silvery gray.

The house color dyes and shampoos are suitable if you only have 20 to 30% of white hair. Otherwise, it would be better to use a hairdresser. For those who have brown hair coloring is the only way to hide your gray hair. Thereby, promote more natural products and herbal without ammonia. For blondes and redheads, masking will be easier and more natural, because you just cover the white hair by scanning your original locks.

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