AVON’S Role in Protest against Domestic Violence – AVON Believe

women-violenceDomestic violence, also called intimate partner violence or partner abuse is a serious issue that has affected not only underdeveloped countries where literacy rate is low but also many developed and progressive countries like America, UK. Domestic violence varies in frequency and severity, most of the times it starts with emotional abuse and this behavior then progress to physical abuse. Domestic violence fact sheet reveals that each year more than 10% women become victims of any kind of domestic violence that includes physical violence, sexual violence, and psychological/emotional violence.

Women have lots of potential and they can do a lot and can add their efforts in the progress of countries but when the rights of women are exploited they lose their confidence and identity. Theoretically it is said that women have rights equal to men, but in fact women are rarely given rights equal to men. Many international platforms are doing a lot for women rights and enduring to stop domestic violence, UN is playing a vital role to safeguard the rights of women and increasing awareness among women about their rights, many multinational companies has also dedicated parts of their funds for women welfare, AVON is among one of them.

AVON –the company for women was founded in 1886, it is famous for its world class cosmetics, jewelry, handbags and others ladies accessories. Being a company for women AVON feels its responsibility to work for women issues and it keeps on working by helping NGOS, national and international agencies. Recently on 25th January 2011, AVON has launched company’s 125th anniversary year with celebrations in Atlanta, it was launched by Global Brand Ambassador of AVON Reese Witherspoon and its CEO Andrea Jung, AVON announced 16 city “AVON Believe World Tour”, 16 cities include , Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, New York, Chicago, Mexico City, Warsaw, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manila, Shanghai, New Delhi and Johannesburg, purpose of this world tour is visit these 16 cities and work on domestic violence issues, 125000 AVON’s representatives will participate in AVON believe world tour to complete the AVON’s mission i.e. protest against domestic violence. AVON has also announced creation of $ 1Million AVON Global Believe Fund that will help NGO and agencies in their global efforts to protect women from domestic violence.

Global efforts of AVON to protest against domestic violence will draw the attention of whole world towards issue of domestic violence, AVON has set example for other multinational companies to invest their funds to improve women rights and protect women from domestic violence.