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Wedding Hairstyles for Medium and Short Hair: Find Inspiration for your hair

Marriage is a very important step in the life of each woman, so it is imperative to be fabulous on the occasion of their wedding, from hair and dall’acconciatura.


The hairstyles for the bride do not have to be made with long hair: a bride with medium hair short and it is equally fascinating and can find great options for styling your hair. If you have to get married and you are looking for ideas for wedding hairstyles with medium hair, here are some ideas that might help you.

Wedding Hairstyles: Harvest Romance with Flower

Do you love fresh flowers and hairstyles, decorated in a simple and chic at the same time? This is the hairstyle that suits you. This is a basic crop, very romantic, who sees her hair softly styled on the collar.

This crop is perfect for medium hair: it is simple to implement, even when the hair is not very long, and you can simply add the extension to give more volume to the hairstyle.

Bride Hair: Side Braid


Combing classical and ordered to be carried out with a fake braid: if her hair is coming back and wants to show off something more special, here’s the perfect hairstyle.

Ask your stylist to attach the braid (which must be strictly the same hair color) to the tail, just under the neck, then twist on itself and secure with hairpins invisible. A clip will be valuable to complement the classical style.

Wedding Hairstyles: Tousled Sensual and Harvest


The hair does not necessarily have to be ordered here is such a disheveled crop, from which descend wavy locks that create volume and give the hair that little bit extra.

This harvest is great for medium hair: After creating waves with a curling iron, just put your hair upside down and spray a lacquer to seal the media, and then gather the hair in random way, securing it with some bobby pins.

Bridal hairstyles: Classic Chignon and Precious


The bun has a touch of timeless class that wins a lot of women. Even if you have medium hair, you can choose a bunch for your wedding day.

The hair will be collected and sorted on the head while the bun, preferably low, will be enhanced by a particular clip or tweezers light.

Wedding Hairstyles: Simple Harvest for medium hair


Some people love the smooth and the total collected glam here a hair sample, which sees a bunch banana cleverly styled to give a young look and nice.

The medium-short hair can be easily styled in this way, with the help of a skilled hairdresser. The effect chic is assured if we focus our attention on the neck, with a particular series, or if you wear earrings important.

Bride Hair: Ideas for the hair down


It is still true that not everyone likes the hairstyle for the wedding day, so why not take a look at some ideas for wedding hairstyles with hair down?

For those with hair from behind and loves romantic ringlets, here’s a hairstyle very easy to copy and impressive. The hair is left loose and frame the face in soft waves.

Another idea for a short bob and smooth instead sees a circle as refined as the protagonist: the hairs are so behind the ears and create this effect very chic and feminine.

Finally, you can choose to use a precious hair clips to be applied only on one side of the head sideways, so as to ensure the rest of the crown volume.

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